Essay Structure For Ancient History Informational Interview Assignment

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Essay Structure For Ancient History

As an example I wrote an essay on the Merthyr Rising causes a while back and I discussed socio-economic factors vs.

political factors but would consistently make it clear that I considered the former more significant/"correct"/backed by evidence despite devoting some time to the latter.

So History not only tests your memory but it tests your skill more.

This is why I dropped History at A2..our exams I had the highest marks in the class; full UMS in one and 1 UMS into a B (that is, 70%, rather than 1 mark past the boundary) in the other.

If you seek to make distinctions and to argue the case with regard to how far your evidence will carry you, there'll be no need for fence-sitting. The first sentence of every paragraph should set it up.To be honest most of my class got A's and B's in my sixth form, but I personally hate it so much.So much work, and what I hate about it most is that I dont even want to call it History, because its more about exam technique at A-level you cant just enjoy learning the topic because if you cannot apply it then its a fail.Present each side with the knowledge that you find one or both of them limited.For example, if we were talking about whether Magna Carta was the result of long-term or short-term causes, you might start by arguing that it is certainly true that, with regard to its immediate causation, it was the result of a baronial revolt/King John being horrible.

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Any particular reason you need to continue with it? I understand some of what you have suggested although I'm still having a lot of difficulty writing the essay.

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