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Essay Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This represents one of the highest levels of cardiovascular disease in the 53-country European Region of the World Health Organization (WHO).For Dr Irinel Popescu, head of the Surgery and Liver Transplantation Centre at Fundeni Hospital, Bucharest, the epidemic of cardiovascular disease is to a large extent driven by lack of awareness among Romanians regarding the importance of diet, exercise and giving up smoking.Dr Maria Suciu, a general practitioner based in the western city of Arad, says: “The amount of money we receive from the National Health Insurance House is very small and we cannot equip our office.” Suciu says that she is unable to carry out even basic diagnostic procedures such as measuring blood sugar and cholesterol levels.She estimates that it would cost €30 000 to equip her office for such tasks with a minilab, and with that equipment 40% of the noncommunicable diseases she sees could be managed much better over the next 10 years.Vaccination against the human papilloma virus (HPV), the main cause of cervical cancer, is an option to further reduce incidence.

From 1949 to 1989, Romania had a centralized state-run health system.Several diseases and injuries are preventable, and can be managed much better if identified earlier on.It is common for people only to go to the doctor when they are feeling unwell.The contribution rate is approximately 5.2% (of income) for an employee, 5.7% for an employer and less than 11% for those who have their own business,” Popescu says.“If we want to follow the European level of expenditure on health, other mechanisms must be found to assure the budget of the CNAS is sufficient.” Popescu notes that there has been talk of introducing co-payments as a way of making up the shortfall in funds, but believes that this will have limited impact. Popescu says that one suggestion to close underperforming units could assure additional resources for the performing hospitals and for general practitioners who struggle on shoestring budgets.

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” The problem with this approach is that it misses important opportunities for risk reduction.

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