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Just because a woman is sweet does not make her weak and just because she is tough and independent, that does not make her cold or self-effacing.

Though this film was directed and written by men (and made up of men in key creative roles), the writing, direction and performance from Robbie create a fully human female character that doesn’t succumb to a one-dimensional treatment.

As the film progresses her insecurities and sweet disposition reveal a truistic human quality that is rarely seen in the representation of women in film, at least in my viewing experience.

Ann is the definition of a badass; a true, strong and independent woman, but what is afforded to the character by Robbie gives Ann the multidimensionality that she deserves; vulnerability.

It has awakened an unexpected feminist fire and so I feel I must express it.

Their domestic accord is marred by occasional tensions, notably involving matters of religion and Loomis' drinking.Ann tells Loomis about her parents and younger brother who left the valley to find other survivors but never returned.Loomis speculates that hydroelectric power might be generated from the nearby waterfall, using a water-wheel fashioned from the Burden church's planks and beams.Z for Zachariah is a 2015 science fiction drama film directed by Craig Zobel and starring Margot Robbie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Chris Pine.Written by Nissar Modi, it is based on the book of the same name by Robert C.

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It received generally positive reviews from critics who mostly praised Robbie's performance but was a box office bomb grossing a mere $121,461.