Essay On The Zodiac Killer

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Essay On The Zodiac Killer

But let’s leave the sleuthing to the experts for now, and just assume Graysmith is an expert of his craft — the craft of writing, that is. This essay from Chuck Klosterman’s collection Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is now available as a stand-alone e-book, and as part of the largely comedic collection of essays, This Is Zodiac Speaking offers a fresh take on the identity of a serial killer.

But then, the film also saturates our minds with fastidious details: the names of victims, dates, and locations of crimes, bits of evidence, a list of suspects, telling connections between clues, breakthroughs and obstructions in the case, and even a red herring or two.

The Zodiac investigation remained open without a single arrest or even conclusive suspect, and remains open still, a mystery that continues to consume investigators yet will remain forever unsolved.

An all-consuming need to disentangle an unsolvable mystery impels David Fincher’s masterful procedural, (2002).

It doesn’t help un-muddy the investigative waters any that over the course of a most absurd presidential election, Republican Senator and former-candidate Ted Cruz was, for just a brief moment in the Twitter-sphere, speculated to be the killer himself (despite the fact that as the killings took place, Cruz had only just been born.) Cruz’s resemblance to Zodiac Killer police sketches, however, is unarguably remarkable — leading a whole new generation of conspiracy theorists to Google: who was the Zodiac Killer?

The only true answer out there is: we still don’t know.

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The each received letters with specific information only the killer could know, cryptograms that when deciphered revealed a feverish rant, and most signed with either the zodiac symbol (crosshairs) or his name (“Dear Editor: This is the Zodiac speaking…”).

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