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The approach to understanding the outstanding issue that is nature vs nurture has always been one put against the other with fewer regards to the substance of either.This has effectively contributed to a prolonged debate of nature vs nurture that has left scholars with making a decision on which side outweighs the other in terms of their influence.In other words, nature and nurture are interlocked.To better understand the debate about nature vs nurture, the question that has to be answered is that is behavioral outcomes dependent on both genetic composition and factors of the environment?

These traits are carried further to the point of adulthood and they are what defined our uniqueness.On the other hand, nurture is defined as a composition of all the variables within an environment impacting what man can be defined to be.These factors include experiences people go through during their nascent ages, their upbringing in addition to the cultural affiliations as well as their relationship with others including friends, close relatives and other social gatherings.While this shouldn't be the case, biologists have fervently pushed their idea that nature is what influences a person's behavior other than influencing their overall development.In fact, the insistence has been that genetic composition within a man as well as the biological factors is what defines nature and.

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Even this school of thought maintains the substance of nature; whereas their counterpart maintains a contrary opinion that the setting has influence over what one becomes in addition to the behavior thus the difference between nature and nurture.

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