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the Supreme Court, overruling a previous decision of 1967, held that the Fundamental Rights could be amended, subject to judicial review in case such an amendment violated the basic structure of the Constitution.

The President may, by order, suspend the right to constitutional remedies as well, thereby barring citizens from approaching the Supreme Court for the enforcement of any of the Fundamental Rights, except Articles 20 and 21, during the period of the emergency.

The Directive Principles of State Policy are guidelines for the framing of laws by the government.

These provisions, set out in Part IV of the Constitution, are not enforceable by the courts, but the principles on which they are based are fundamental guidelines for governance that the State is expected to apply in framing policies and passing laws.

This demand was explicitly mentioned in resolutions adopted by the INC between 19.

Its report made a number of recommendations, including proposing guaranteed fundamental rights to all Indians.

In 1931, the Indian National Congress, at its Karachi session, adopted a resolution committing itself to the defence of civil rights and economic freedom, with the stated objectives of putting an end to exploitation, providing social security and implementing land reforms.

Other new rights proposed by the resolution were the prohibition of State titles, universal adult franchise, the abolition of capital punishment and freedom of movement.

These rights, defined in Part III of the Constitution, applied irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, creed, or gender.

They are enforceable by the courts, subject to specific restrictions.

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