Essay On Reading And Writing Experience

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Essay On Reading And Writing Experience

Moreover, research (Mc Ginley and Tierney 1989) has shown that engaging learners in the greater variety of experiences provided when reading and writing instruction are combined leads to a higher level of thinking than when either process is taught alone.Since thinking is a critical part of meaning construction, students will become better thinkers if they are taught in classrooms where meaning is actively constructed through reading and writing.

I first learned to read at the age of three while sitting on my grandmother’s lap in her high-rise apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.

For example, a person receives a letter--via the postal service or electronic mail--reads it, then answers it in writing, perhaps rereading portions of the letter while constructing the response.

Moreover, learning about reading and writing takes place in a social context that contains written language and where people use and talk about written language.

Both reading and writing are constructive processes (Pearson and Tierney 1984).

A similar, if not the same, level of intellectual activity underlies both reading and writing: interactions between the reader/writer and text lead to new knowledge and interpretations of text (Langer 1986; Martin 1987).

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These stories, otherwise known as “literacy narratives,” allow writers to talk through and discover their relationships with reading, writing, and speaking in all its forms.

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