Essay On Pantheism

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Baruch Spinoza introduced pantheistic beliefs to a wide audience in the 17th century.However, other, less known thinkers had already expressed pantheistic views such as Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake in 1600 for his highly unorthodox beliefs.To refer to the content of this article, quote: INTERS – Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science, edited by G. The doctrine of pantheism, however, is much older than its name.Due to this long history, one must distinguish its various expressions throughout the ages.

"The unseen is proven by the seen," the poet adds in "Song of Myself" (section 3).

Since 1999 we have been a pioneering voice in exploring how a completely naturalistic spirituality can address the kind of profound questions for which people normally seek answers in traditional religions – but in our case, without recourse to supernatural beings, forces and realms.

We have been gradually addressing many of the key individual, social and environmental issues where Pantheism has a distinctive position that can be of help.

This means that while the entire universe is a part of God, God also exists beyond the universe.

As such, this God can be a personal God, a conscious being that manifested the universe with whom one can have a personal relationship. Deist beliefs are sometimes described as not having a personal God, but in that case, it is not meant to say the God has no consciousness. God is impersonal in the sense that God retreated from the universe after its creation, uninterested in listening to or interacting with believers. Animism is the belief that animals, trees, rivers, mountains—all things—have a spirit.

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