Essay On Life In A City Its Advantages And Disadvantages Thesis Statement For Arab-Israeli Conflict

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If you live in a small town,and people must depend on unsound traffic.

Sometimes,villagers want to keep touch with their relatives who are busy earning livelihood in a far city,and villager people must spend several hours on buses or trains in order to arrive in a big city.

In a large city,because of the developed traffic,people can go where they want to as soon as possible.

On the another hand,living in a large city can help people save more money than living in a small town.

In a small town,people have to own a car to ensure living,but people that living in cities can save a large amount of number on their car.

For me, towards the end, the disadvantages were out weighing the advantages. Although, the big city has more job opportunities; there are also more people competing for a single job. Oddly enough, you will see hundreds, if not thousands of jobs available each week, but you still might remain unemployed, especially when the economy is down.Unfortunately, pollution may always be a problem in the big city despite the efforts made to reduce pollution such as the signs on the highway stating to not fill-up on gas or mow your yard until after p.m.Crime There is always more crime in a big city, causing you second case your decision for living in a big city.What I mean by this is that whenever you live, there are some useful stores like supermarkets, banks, tobacconists and clothing stores where you can easily buy everything you need without going to the city center.Secondly, living in a big town is a big challenge for evening parties.

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First of all,the convenient transportation is the foundation of people to move.

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