Essay On Industrialization In Assam

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Essay On Industrialization In Assam

Despite the general anti-Bengali sentiment, the expulsion of migrants that came from West Bengal - these migrants are predominantly Hindus - could not be brought about legally or politically.

Interstate movement and residence are perfectly legal in India, and the Assamese economy and society, despite the antagonism, is inextricably linked with West Bengal.

Gandhi, and the party in turn patronized them, so much so that local politicians of the Congress Party seem to have put aliens on the electoral rolls irrespective of whether or not they had Indian citizenship.

It is in this atmosphere that the elections were called. Gandhi has been heavily criticized in India for her decision to call the elections.

They originated predominantly in East Bengal, a highly populated area with low agricultural productivity and a fragmented landholding pattern incapable of supporting large families.

In contrast, Assam was less populated, many areas were unsettled, and there was less pressure on the land.

The spread of urban conflict to villages seems to be partly a result of the emergence of support for leftist parties in the previous elections.

The land reform-oriented agrarian program of the left and its attempt to create a base in the Muslim peasantry seems to have antagonized the Assamese landlords and wealthier peasantry.

Why the issue of deportation of "illegal aliens" has come to be the focus of the movement needs some explanation.They held urban professions, their language was more developed and widely used in Assam, and their educational and even numerical superiority became more than evident.With the halting spread of education in the twentieth century, the Assamese middle class slowly emerged, and with the growth of the Assamese middle class, the seeds of what has been called "little nationalism" were sown in Assam.Because of their educational advantage over Assamese, they were better suited to man the growing administrative and professional machinery.Bengali Muslims on the other hand, were mainly peasants.

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By most available reports now, mob violence has claimed four thousand lives, rendered about 200,000 homeless, and forced a large number to leave the state for protection elsewhere.