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A relaxed body stance with a friendly tone will aid in making you look approachable by others.Eye contact is important in communication – look the person in the eye to indicate that you are focused on the conversation.It can be done vocally (through verbal exchanges), through written media (books, websites, and magazines), visually (using to personal life and everything that falls in between.From a business standpoint, all transactions result from communication.And be sure to communicate that you’re always willing to learn more!Once you have the job and are proving your worth every day, don’t forget to speak up for career advancement opportunities.But make sure to not stare at the person as it can make him or her uncomfortable.Be confident in what you say and in your communication interactions with others.

Those with good interpersonal skills are strong verbal and non-verbal communicators and are often considered to be “good with people”. Communication is defined as transferring information to produce greater understanding.

If you want to succeed in your career, you need to know what you want and how to go after it.

And you can’t do that without good communication skills.

Do you have great problem solving skills and a passion for ?

Let your future employer know what you’ve already accomplished in the field and the unique skillset you’ll bring to their company.

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