Essay On European Colonization In Africa

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Essay On European Colonization In Africa

What do we learn about ethics and international health systems when we look to the past?This essay considers this question by examining the history of colonialism in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the harms of conquest and on the treatment and research campaigns sponsored by nascent medical services.

The timing and scale of European colonization matter.As they were the first to admit, the scale of their responsibilities was daunting.Money was in short supply and the number of trained personnel was rarely sufficient for the tasks [6].The flies’ habitats had been transformed in the previous decades, bringing tsetses into closer proximity to humans and distancing them from some of the animals, especially cattle, on which they normally fed.Thus, in at least some regions, people became a convenient meal for the flies, increasing transmission rates and spreading the epidemic to new areas [8].

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Colonial efforts to create export economies had similar adverse effects on Africans’ health [9].