Essay On Communication Process University Of Arizona Essay Prompt

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It seems that there is a direct correlation between employee communication and profitable operations of an organization.

As a senior executive noted: "The best business plan is meaningless unless everyone is aware of it and pulling together to achieve its objectives.

Effective management is a function of effective communication.

It is a meaningful interaction among people so that the thoughts are transferred from one person to another in such a manner that the meaning and the value of such thoughts is same in the minds of both the sender of the communication as well as the receiver of the communication. Information and knowledge about all these aspects makes the operations of the organization comparatively trouble free and it is the management's responsibility to ensure that employees have obtained all the necessary information about these different aspects and get the necessary feedback relative to these aspects.

This is a very important aspect, otherwise an idea, no matter how great, is useless until it is transmitted and fully understood by others. This would make the workers aware of their own duties and responsibilities as well as the instructions and directives from the upper levels of management hierarchy and also their own suggestions, grievances and feedback.

Communication is a cyclic process that starts when the sender feels that there is a need to communicate with the receiver for a particular reason (purpose).

The sender creates a message either in the written or in verbal or nonverbal form.

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Proper communication between interested parties reduces the points of friction and minimizes those that inevitably arise. Supervision and leadership are impossible without it.