Essay On Child Abuse In Modern Society Academic Research Proposal

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Essay On Child Abuse In Modern Society

Programs may also focus on helping children who are victims of past or ongoing sexual abuse by encouraging them to disclose such incidents to parents or other responsible adults.

Research yields little evidence that such programs actually prevent the occurrence of child abuse.

Therefore, while strengthening existing child sexual abuse prevention programs, efforts must be made to create programs that shift the responsibility of child sexual abuse prevention from children to adults and public institutions.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.However, despite the great potential such approaches hold to preventing child sexual abuse, they are new and not yet fully tested.Such approaches, including fostering survivor leadership, circles of accountability and support, targeted public messages directed at perpetrators and would-be perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and child sexual offender treatment, should be further explored, rigorously evaluated, and strengthened.New, cutting-edge approaches are being developed to prevent child sexual abuse.Such approaches complement the criminal justice and child protective systems, but focus more on accountability, rehabilitation, and restitution than on punishment.

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