Essay On A Visit To A Marketplace Topics For Argumentive Essay

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Essay On A Visit To A Marketplace

Freshness was also a focus, with sprinklers watering the vegetables as I walked by.A market is a place where people go to buy or sell things.Indulgences like these at the supermarket are an easy way to satisfy these whims.I'm sure we've all given in to the impulse to buy a candy bar now and then.When I reached the produce section, I thought of image.

Selection wasn't limited to the Kleenex section, either…I found abundance in every aisle.The word market can also have a more general meaning in the economy. "There is a big market for dishwashers" means that lots of people want to buy dishwashers, so therefore a business that makes dishwashers is likely to be able to make a lot of money.When things are sold, people buy the product, and this "stimulates the economy" (helps people to spend and earn money). There is no point in supplying (making) lots of dishwashers if people do not want them.Documentary sources suggest that zoning policies confined trading to particular parts of cities from around 3,000 BCE, creating the conditions necessary for the emergence of a bazaar.Middle Eastern bazaars were typically long strips with stalls on either side and a covered roof designed to protect traders and purchasers from the fierce sun.

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