Essay Of The One Minute Manager Effect Essay Topics

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Essay Of The One Minute Manager

In the same way, one minute praising is a way of encouraging your staff.One minute praising show that you are genuinely interested in your people and care for them and their success.It’s named that way because each goal should only take a minute to read.One minute goal setting is an important tool for management because it provides immediate feedback to the worker. If you are playing football and you are not aware of how many points you scored, you would lose interest in the game after a certain point.The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is a remarkable book about management.It is about a young man who is in search of an effective manager and is willing to work for one.After the one minute goal setting, the second step in one minute management is to catch people doing something right. One minute praising are so called because it hardly takes a minute for you to tell someone that he or she did a good job.There is no need to elaborate when you can simply say that he or she he did something good and you noticed it. When you teach a child to walk, you don’t expect him to start walking as soon as he stands up.

Their people gained while their organizations lost.

The one minute manager shares the secrets of his success with the young man, which are as follows: One minute goal setting is about being aware of what is expected from the beginning.

When deciding upon the desired goal and the performance standards, you record it on a single sheet of paper.

You started making him feel that he has done something worth praising.

He then tries to do more of the same and finally learns to walk.

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And, philosophically, you’ve got to turn that pyramid upside down, so now you work for your people, who eventually work for your customers. That, "Okay, now once the vision, direction, and goals are clear, the job of the leader is to help people live according to the vision of values and goals, and to be successful." Now you're working for them. So often in organizations, you get self-serving leaders. People are so into their task-oriented self, that they really don't have time to reflect on who they want to be in the world, and how they want to be that day. I like to sit on the side of the bed and think about, "Okay, what do I have on my calendar for today? Blanchard offers a critical reminder at a critical time that only by serving others will we ever truly accomplish great results.