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Essay Horses Edwin Muir

But I have skipped about a hundred and fifty of them.

After beginning his career as a critic and journalist, Muir started producing poetry in his mid-thirties, and over the next three decades developed an individual, visionary style outside the main current of the Modernist poetry then prevalent.Reviewing the 1937 volume, poet Stephen Spender noted that the collection "contains the best poems [Muir] has written and some of the most serious, interesting, and individual poems of our time . Yet in his poetry Edwin Muir has discovered a language which expresses this argument in the most vivid and direct way possible by means of an imagery so precise that the prose meaning would seem a circuitous way of describing what can be held instantaneously by a single poetic image." Critic Elizabeth Huberman noted in her study, that Muir's themes "are the traditional themes of the great poets, from Homer's time to the present: the struggle between good and evil in the individual, in society, in the universe; the loss of innocence and the quest for its recovery; the nature of human destiny; the destructiveness of time; the enduring joy and power of love.At the same time, Muir has had the strength to handle this traditional material in his own way, on his own terms. What I do mean to say is that Muir's is in a real sense supplementary to his poetry: it can be read with enjoyment for its own sake, but its full meaning will not be apparent to readers who are unacquainted with the poems." A later critic, Joseph H. can almost be regarded as meta-autobiography, a study of the redemptive autobiographical imagination and not merely of the perceived past." As a critic, Muir was prolific, writing hundreds of reviews during his long career.Muir died at Swaffham Prior, near Cambridge, in 1959.Muir's most important works may be divided into several genres, including poetry, criticism, translation, and autobiography.

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Throughout the 1920s Muir gained a wide reputation as a critic, with such works as and he began a series of collaborations with his wife on translations of the works of Gerhart Hauptmann, Franz Kafka, and Lion Feuchtwanger, among others.

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