Essay For Miss Brill Essay Concerning Human Understanding John Locke Full Text

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Readers may make this assumption because the couple teases Miss Brill about the quality of the coat.

Although the speaker never gives us a clear explanation of what class Miss Brill belongs to, some may make the argument that she should belong to the proletariat class because it seems more logical due to the value of the coat.

It is evident that the attitude of Miss Brill has been diminished after the couple broke her happy spirit.

For Zoe, however, it is made very clear that she has no meaningful relationships.

She had gone out on dates with local men, but they all ended in astrangement as she “came teo realize that all men, deep down, wanted Heidi,” (308) the ideal woman.

In my opinion, when the story begins readers may mistake Miss Brill for someone of bourgeoisie status; not because of her attitude but because of her adorn fur coat.

It is not until the young couple, who may be seen as bourgeoisie, humiliates her that we see she may be a part of the proletariat status because of her defeat.

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After she puts on the coat, she goes to the park where she feels to have significance.

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