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Essay Being A Teacher

What I am trying to say is that parents are the first teachers of their children, and they work hard to teach them in the most correct way.Another reason why I agree with above statement is that I strongly believe that parents know their children more than other people, because they can observe them since they are born.In other words, children can not improve their social skills while they have education at home.Last but not least, although some people may disagree, I personally think that it is not fair to keep your child at home while his or her friends are going to school and having new friends.

In developing this legislation, we have had input from a broad coalition of stakeholders representing teachers, colleges and universities, principals, school boards, and community-based organizations.We need to seize this opportunity to improve the chances for student success by building a truly collaborative system for educator preparation -- one that creates a positive school environment, allows educators to work together and connects higher education to early childhood and K-12 education.Currently, these systems function in their own separate silos of educational policy and practice.To begin with, I agree with the statement that teachers have a better educational background than parents without reservation since teachers may also be parents but they study especially for being a teacher.Besides professional information they have, they get experience in this area for years.

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But others have a negative attitude that professional teachers' experiences and positive effects on a child are undeniable facts about his or her education base.

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