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Issue G is “The Unofficial NYC Issue,” reflecting the vibrancy of the urban art scene that inspired Beautiful/Decay to be what it is today.

Today, Beautiful/Decay takes the form of a limited edition, hand numbered, advertising free art book series.In this issue: an interview with talented illustrator, (and out cover artist), Aya Kato, the sounds of Beep Beep, 77 Clash, Lo Deck, and The Comeback Kid, and the works of Die Gestalten Verlag, Steven Wilson, Jan Kallwejt, Evengy Kiselev, Font, and Lily van der Stockker.Issue L, “Sex Sells,” delves into the provocative and beautiful world of sex.Beautiful/Decay’s “The Design Special” hones in on the design world’s best and brightest talents from around the world.Includes features on Design of Graphic designer Kevin Lyons, Epitaph records designer Metro/sea, London based Insect, Brazilian Designer Tohyto, the paintings and installations of Jovi Schnell, Private Stock by Jor One and Fatso, the street art of El Tono in Spain, a Quiet Fashion spread by UPSO, and Billboard photography and manipulation by Matt Jordan.

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This issue features Leon Golub, an interview with Gregory Green, the political posters of Klaus Staeck, an article on the Elemental Awareness skate summer camp, the design of Ray Noland, the illustration of Ray Smith, black metal heroes Cradle of Filth, Euro street bomber Poch, SEONE’s Private Stock, the design of Duskyward, Sage Francis, Shambahala, the propaganda posters of Iran, and a spotlight on New Jersey graffiti, with an interview with Kemos and a special article on Jersey highways.

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