English Literature Quotes Personal Statement

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English Literature Quotes Personal Statement

Obviously, when regarded philosophically there is no lack of complex and exhilarating ideas within this group.

The intricate, and sometimes slightly odd, use of logic and imagery allows for an infinitely vast array of interpretations; keeping me constantly thinking on the purpose and use of each verse.

Literature is also central to my extra-curricular pursuits.This is something I also found whilst reading 'The Wasteland' as background for my A-level War literature unit.Elliot's obscure and counter-intuitive metaphors allow for countless nuances in understanding, making this poem one of the more fascinating I have ever read.Sample English Literature Personal Statement Like many of my generation, my love of literature was originally inspired by Harry Potter.As a non-English reader, however, I was not content to wait for the next Dutch translation and set about teaching myself to read English at the age of 12.

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For 10 years I took drama and elocution classes at theatre school, including analysing poetry and drama.