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They use computers to diagnose diseases, run tests and for finding the cure for deadly diseases.

Also, they are able to find a cure for many diseases because of computers.

For any country, his defence is most important for the safety and security of its people.

Also, computer in this field helps the country’s security agencies to detect a threat which can be harmful in the future.

In simple words, the process can be explained in this way.

The data which we feed into the computer is input, the work CPU do is process and the result which the computer give is output.

But, it was for only government use and not for public use.

Above all, in the beginning, the computer was a very large and heavy machine.

The computer is categorized into many different types like supercomputers, mainframes, personal computers (desktop), PDAs, laptop, etc.

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The computer runs on a three-step cycle namely input, process, and output.

Also, the computer follows this cycle in every process it was asked to do.

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Mankind is using computers for over many decades now.