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Effects Computers Research Paper

In this learning setting, a learner receives a sequence of examples, making predictions after each one, and receiving feedback after each prediction.Research in this area is remarkable because (1) the algorithms and proofs tend to be very simple and beautiful, and (2) the model makes no statistical assumptions about the data.Description: The Colossus machines were early computing devices used by British codebreakers to break German messages encrypted with the Lorenz Cipher during World War II.

Development of decision trees was done by many researchers in many areas, even before this paper.

Though this paper is one of the most influential in the field.

Description: One of the papers that started the field of on-line learning.

Description: This summer research proposal inaugurated and defined the field.

It contains the first use of the term artificial intelligence and this succinct description of the philosophical foundation of the field: "every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it." (See philosophy of AI) The proposal invited researchers to the Dartmouth conference, which is widely considered the "birth of AI".

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It was the first family of computers making a clear distinction between architecture and implementation.

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