Educational System Problems Essay

Posted by / 30-Mar-2020 00:52

Educational System Problems Essay

Need for All Round Development The primary focus of the Indian education system is on academics.

Here also the focus is not on understanding the concept and enhancing knowledge but only on mugging up the lessons with or without understanding them with the sole aim of attaining good marks.

The Indian education system must be changed to make way for creative thinking.

Need to Think Out of the Box There is a dire need to think out of the box if we want to make new inventions, bring positive changes in the society and prosper at a personal level.

However, unfortunately our schools train us otherwise.

The Gurukul The Indian education system dates back several centuries.

From the ancient times, children are being sent to the teachers to learn lessons on different subjects and to add value to their lives and make them skilled to live a self dependent life.

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They are so blinded by the urge of staying ahead of the competition that they do not realize that they are pushing the children in the wrong direction.