Education Pioneers Critical Thinking Exercise

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Education Pioneers Critical Thinking Exercise

I don’t remember the class or even what the assignment was, but I do remember doing this project on using “The Socratic Method” as a pedagogical practice, a modified version of the Socratic dialogue, the purpose of which is to help students think for themselves as they come to grips with whatever subject is being taught.

The Socratic Method has become the signature pedagogy in every class I have ever taught.

I heard Robert describing Senior Passage in a TEDx Talk he gave at U-M and was moved by his unique approach to education.

He agreed to meet with me and collaborate on a I met JR on a busy Friday afternoon at Pioneer.

“I wonder if we have ever asked ourselves what education means.

As of 2013, over 4,500 seniors have participated in the Council’s exploration of identity and purpose among small, confidential groups of seniors.Dozens of well-worn armchairs and couches faced forward.Tibetan flag streamers, portraits of students and original artworks, hockey sticks and other student memorabilia lined the room’s perimeter.Finding him meant navigating bustling hallways of teenagers until I spotted his door adorned with signage and artwork.Walking into his classroom felt like entering a curiosity cabinet.

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In 1994, the “Pioneer Philosophy Club” was created with the help of a former colleague, Aaron Pollock, and in the short span of a couple of years, it grew from its original membership of about 10 to well over 75 students.