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Dryden An Essay Of Dramatic Poesy

If the act begins in a bedroom or on a street that is where it is going to end.The third unity touched upon is the unity of action.If there is one main action and that action is completed then the audience know exactly what is going on.But if there are sub-plots and other things that are not fully completed then there will be an element of suspense, t will keep the audience interested.If you were to travel to other cities or countries it would surely take longer than twenty-four hours.The French follow this strictly, a scene is never changed in the middle of an act.

And by doing this you are not giving the viewer what they want, a good show.His first play, The Wild Gallant, was in prose ; it is coarse and not much enlivened by wit, and it was not well received. He seems to have convinced himself that the attraction of rhyme was necessary to please the fastidious audiences for which he had to write; vi PREFACE. and after The Rival Ladies, of which a small part is in rhyme, and The Indian Queen (1664), a play entirely rhymed, in which he assisted his brother-in-law Sir Robert Howard, he brought out, early in 1665, his tragedy of The Indian Emperor, which, like The Indian Queen, is carefully rhymed throughout. This does not mean there cannot be many actions in the play.It means that all these actions must have something to do with the overall, also know as sub-plots.

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