Dorian Gray Essay Thesis Field Of Study

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In most cases canonical literature is preserved to show how an old writing can be perfectly related to modern life and time. Canonical writing should also reveal people and what they can actually do.

People can adapt evil or good traits depending on their adaptation and understanding.

The renewal of the portrait clearly shows the aspect of karma.(Stanley,2000). The Picture of Dorian Gray is an exemplary piece of literature as the characters themes and plot clearly depict things that can influence modern culture and contemporary way of life.

Cultural beliefs and obligations are also evident in the novel and can be compared to the modern times. Strong and wealthy individuals influence major decisions of the land. From the explanations above, each aspect or lesson showed in the novel is significant to human needs, reactions and perspectives.

An angry brother of his dead lover, Sibyl, wants to kill him because he broke heart of his sister.Dorian shows that he fears for his life when he takes off.Towards the end of the novel, Dorian stabs his portrait only to have himself killed and with an old body. When Sibyl commits suicide after being heartbroken, her brother is angry. People who recognize him want him to be punished.(Anon,1978). Dorian’s corruption and, through him, the corruption of others. Falling under the influence of idolization comes at the cost of one’s powers of reasoning. By conditioning his mind with Henry’s chatter, Dorian Gray leaves the pure psyche that inspired Basil’s paintings. Dorian Gray accepts Henry’s witty teachings about the lifestyle where aestheticism rises above all in importance, and when Dorian Gray puts these words into actions, he realizes the appearance of gruesome transformations in his portrait.

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Thesis Statement: Influence comes with an onerous price. Damage is determined by the way in which one is affected by inevitable outside influences. Henry’s philosophical ideas also result in Basil’s downfall as an artist because he loses his inspirational muse.