Dogberry In Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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The film's action is a progression through a series of picnics, communal bathing, dinners, banquets, dances and courtships.

Branagh sets the pace just this side of a Marx Brothers movie.

His "Dead Again" hurtled headlong into the juiciness of the murder-and-reincarnation genre.

His "Peter's Friends" was a reunion of old university chums whose youthful quirks had matured into full-blown eccentricities, for good or ill.

Comic scenes lighten the play and contain some sexual innuendo and many witty remarks and exchanges between the characters, Leonato answering, "Her mother hath many times told me so" when the Prince presented Hero to Leonato.One of Shakespeare's characters made of low comedy and burlesque, Dogberry here becomes a recycled grotesque modeled on Keaton's performance in "Beetlejuice." Does the approach work?Probably not as Shakespeare, because it seems to come from another universe than the one inhabited by the other characters in the play.That last film, oddly enough, has a tone somewhat in common with "Much Ado About Nothing." The play, set in Sicily and shot in Tuscany, involves a few crucial days in the lives of the followers of Don Pedro (Denzel Washington), Prince of Arragon, who returns victorious from battle with his half-brother Don John (Keanu Reeves).They are now apparently on speaking terms, but Don John, wearing a wicked black beard, mopes about the edges of the screen, casting dark looks upon the merrymakers.

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The second, Benedick and Beatrice, are almost kept apart by the treachery of their own hearts.