Disrespect Towards Nco Essay Pro Legalization Marijuana Research Paper

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Disrespect Towards Nco Essay

Soldiers weren’t greeted by the fanfare of previous wars, but veterans like W. Ehrhart recalled that for the two instances he returned home, “neither occasion was I confronted by civilians out to denigrate and abuse me”.

Peaceful protesters and certain supporters of the war followed the path of the initial stages of the anti-war movement.

Although the anti-war movement rightfully challenged the conservative political climate of the time, the mass protests were executed poorly when considering the negative impact on the veterans.

Initially, the protests were peaceful and filled with good intentions.

As citizens, we have a personal responsibility to ensure that our veterans are respected and valued in society.

Unfortunately, the citizenry of the Vietnam generation often failed to do so.

Movies and TV shows capitalized on the protests, creating villains out of the soldiers.Punahou School Army Junior ROTC Cadet Emily Wu was recognized at the Association of the U. Army’s LANPAC Symposium and Exposition for being the national first-place award winner in an essay contest sponsored by the Vietnam War Commemoration, a U. government group formed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war. Civilians at home based their opinions on a single biased perspective, often focusing on other facets of the war instead of what truly mattered: the soldiers. “The greatest mistake that can be made by citizenry of the 21st century is the sin of forgetting,” she writes. The veterans were spit upon, jeered at, and rejected by the country they sacrificed so much for.However, the latter half of the decade brought an escalation in war protests, televised newscasts, and political interference.A growth in protest brought a growth in size as well.

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The soldiers not only sacrificed parts of their lives in uniform, but continued to fight a never-ending battle even after the war,” she writes.“During times of war, we must support the soldiers and respect them, no matter what our personal beliefs are. After years of sacrifice and struggle, the Vietnam War veterans finally came home.