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Consequently power and knowledge do admit of perfection, and in so far as they pertain to God they have no limits.Whence it follows that God who possesses supreme and infinite wisdom acts in the most perfect manner not only metaphysically, but also from the moral standpoint.I say that this action on the part of God is at least not praiseworthy, for all praise ought to be founded upon reason which ex hypothesi is not present here.

I think that one acts imperfectly if he acts with less perfection than he is capable of.Their opinion is, in my judgment, unknown to the writers of antiquity and is a deduction based upon the too slight acquaintance which we have with the general harmony of the universe and with the hidden reasons for God’s conduct.In our ignorance, therefore, we are tempted to decide audaciously that many things might have been done better.These modern thinkers insist upon certain hardly tenable subtleties, for they imagine that nothing is so perfect that there might not have been something more perfect. They think, indeed, that they are thus safeguarding the liberty of God.As if it were not the highest liberty to act in perfection according to the sovereign reason.

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The implications, however, of these words fail to receive sufficient consideration.