Descriptive Essay On Hurricane Katrina Problem Solving Competencies

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Descriptive Essay On Hurricane Katrina

In 2001 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) released a report that listed three most likely catastrophic events.

Among the three listed was a catastrophic hurricane hitting New Orleans.

They were also told that citizens should evacuate if there was a category three storm expected.

They would rescue them with their boats and then give food and shelter.

While they were helping each other, the Government took their time to get FEMA down to help them.

The causes and impact of hurricane Katrina were negative environmental, social, and economical effects on the Gulf Coast Region.

A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone or a low pressure system which forms in the tropics.

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By nine that morning the flooding started to happen, the levees and canals were overwhelmed and the Ninth Ward And St.