Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study When Writing A Thesis Paragraph You Should Avoid

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Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Case Study

Each section is timed separately and you cannot go back to an attempted question Experience70 students (about 40%) were shortlisted for the second round which was a Case Group Discussion.

Then the main part of the GD began where everything was being noticed and graded.

I was asked about processes improvement, management consolidation, etc.The first question was "Tell me something about yourself".I began with an introduction about my background, school etc. Then the interviewer questioned me about my experiences and intership which was purely technical. I had researched about Deloitte pretty well as it was one of my most desired companies.I told the main HR guy that I wanted to use the company to do a sponsored MBA. He didn’t say anything, but I know it did In the interview, I told him I was an artist but ended up drawing a shitty picture of the Mahatma so he thought I was a liar. Do NOT join the company if you think the compensation is less than you deserve. Hey Guys, I have an upcoming finance interview with Deloitte BTA Program. Second round was on-campus as well and multiple interviews with managers. I was asked how I would oversee the consolidation of a global affiliated network of brick and mortars under a single umbrella organization.

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Finally, some of us focused on familiar ground of technology aspects and were able to somehow satisfy her with our answer.(our topic was to look for a company to outsource a customer relation management center)Interview Experience The final interview is just to find out whether you will ditch the company or not.