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Deforestation Essay

Rain forests provide 25 percent of drugs currently used by Western pharmaceutical companies.Over 70 percent of the plants identified as active in fighting cancer originated in the rain forests, including periwinkle, which has significantly reduced childhood leukemia.Yet scientists have assessed only 1 percent of the trees in the rain forests for potential medicinal purposes, meaning that deforestation may lead to the permanent loss of lifesaving drugs.Much of the deforestation is due to an increase in population, slash-and-burn techniques to clear land for agriculture and cattle grazing, and logging for paper, wood, and fuel products.But let’s study the problem from all points of view. Yes, their destruction leads to decreasing the levels of restoring oxygen, as well as desertification.But, on the other hand, the wood is a valuable resource, and a lot of useful minerals happen to be located in the .

If today we stop mining this or that resource, it will be felt very soon, and the very ecologists that complain about deforestation will complain about lack of energy, and not in some distant future, but in the course of several years.

The number of species of fish in the Amazon, for example, is higher than the number found in the entire Atlantic Ocean.

In terms of medicine, the benefits of forests are immense.

More than 11 million acres of forest are cleared annually for commercial and property purposes.

In Brazil alone, 70 percent of the tropical rain forests cleared have fallen to medium and large-scale ranches.

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