Death Of A Salesman Essay Prompts

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Linda informs Willy that Biff and happy are taking him out to dinner that night.Excited, Willy proclaims that he is going to make Howard Wagner give him a ny process.Willy says that he's going to speak to Howard tomorrow.Willy complains that Biff, his older son who has come back home to go to, has but to make some thing of himself.The younger Biff, a high school soccer big name, and the younger happy appear.they interact affectionately with their father, who has just back from a enterprise ride.

happy grows irritated and rebukes Biff for his failure inside the commercial enterprise global. happy intervenes and eventually proposes that he and Biff go into the sporting goods commercial enterprise collectively.

The smartphone earrings, and Linda chats with Biff, reminding him to be first-class to his father on the eating place that night.

As the lighting fixtures fade on Linda, they come up on Howard gambling with a cord recorder in his office.

Agitated, Willy shouts his regret about not going to Alaska along with his brother, Ben, who finally located a diamond mine in Africa and have become wealthy. happy is going off to bed, and Willy and Charley begin to play cards. Ben inspects Willy’s house and tells him that he has to capture a educate soon to take a look at properties in Alaska. Willy asks Ben impatiently approximately his lifestyles.

Charley gives Willy a process, however Willy, insulted, refuses it. As Willy talks to Ben approximately the prospect of going to Alaska, Charley, seeing no one there, receives pressured and questions Willy. Ben recounts his travels and talks approximately their father.

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Act II opens with Willy playing the breakfast that Linda has made for him.