Daycare Center Business Plan

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This is the single thing that will keep you on track throughout this crazy process.

KNOW YOUR MISSION AND VISION and LIVE IT OUT ALONG THE PROCESS.‍Once you have your business plan started, it is a good time to start thinking about securing a location.

As you begin to write about these topics it will ignite the creative process as well. Spend some time on “The Competition Market” and really see what you are competing against.

Find out what they are charging, and what they offer.

I mean assembling the materials and creating a business you have designed to build a child care center.

In order to do this you will need boots on the ground running.

When beginning your plan, you will want to think of where you want to be located, who your customers will be and what will set your center (business) apart from the others.This is where someone with a type A personality and a check-list come in handy.We move from talking about it, to actually doing the work! In the building planning phase you will do the following: The unique thing about the building phase is it is never really finished!A common problem people make is purchasing a building that doesn’t have the right building code for childcare, don’t make this mistake.Once you have secured a location, the “building” planning phase beginnings.

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