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Cry The Beloved Country Critical Essays

In the 1950s he was amongst those who tried to form an opposition Liberal Party to the Nationalist apartheid government.

Legislation against non-whites in government forced Paton, who was president of the multi-ethnic party, to disband rather than conform to the new laws in 1968.

His son, Absalom, has also disappeared into the city, and Kumalo hopes to gain word of him as well.

After a long and intimidating journey by train and bus to Johannesburg, Kumalo visits a parish priest named Theophilus Msimangu who helps him to locate his sister.

At the same time as this novel's publication, Jan Hofmeyr died, and the National Party won the election.

Apartheid policies were almost immediately enacted. The international success of Cry, The Beloved Country enabled Paton to be financially independent[Image not available for copyright reasons]as well as allowing him to write in opposition to the government and travel abroad.

The action begins with a letter that comes to Kumalo from Johannesburg, telling him that his sister, Gertrude Kumalo, is ill and needs his help.

Kumalo consults with his wife and decides to use their meagre savings to go to the big city to help his sister.

Cry, the Beloved Country consists of three sections, Books I, II, and III, each presenting a different point of view about the same events.

In 1944 he addressed the National Social Welfare Conference, and this paper was later published in 1945 as "The Non-European Offender." Then in 1946 he began his tour of penal and correctional institutions in Europe, the United States, and Canada.

While on this tour, he began Cry, the Beloved Country, published in 1948.

Still, Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country remains a classic expression of South Africa and one of the best known stories of that country.

The implications of the steadfast appeal of the novel are not only a credit to Paton's ability to capture the human tragedy of the Kumalo family, but also testimony to the unfortunate fact that racial tensions still exist both within and without South Africa.

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This renewal is made possible by a change in the attitude of a rich white landowner whose son was murdered by Absalom.

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