Critical Lens Analysis Essay

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David Richter notes in The Critical Tradition: Classic Texts and Contemporary Trends that "XXY syndromes, natural sexual bimorphisms, as well as surgical transsexuals [...] defy attempts at binary classification".

This thinking, along with the advent of a more prominent LGBT community, has heavily influenced this lens.

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Leon Trotsky's Literature and Revolution claims that "old literature and 'culture' were the expressions of the nobleman and the bureaucrat" and that "the proletariat has also to create its own culture and its own art".

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This lens is common in analysis of religious works.

Ecocriticism addresses the work from an environmental and ecological perspective. There is often argument on how the author and their viewpoints and life should affect analysis of the work.

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The semiotic literary lens grew out of the structuralist literary lens, which was influenced by structuralism. The moral lens was the earliest critical lens to come about, beginning in Book X of Plato's Republic.