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Critical Essays On Willa Cather

She notes of Cather’s essay on Annie Fields that it represents a literary history encompassing “the gentility of nineteenth-century Boston and the ‘tumult’ of twentieth-century New York, the traditional and the ‘queer,’ the male-authored and the female-authored” (85).

Here, the drive towards a series of oppositions creates unsupportable associations.

Lindemann is fond of oppositions wh ere the queer is said to resist or critique the straight; but the rhetorical force of these oppositions sometimes masks a lack of specificity.Joseph Urgo’s Willa Cather and the Myth of American Migration (1995) and my own Willa Cather in Context (1996) uncovered a Cather attuned to a progressive, even liberal agenda: a writer fascinated by otherness and a postmodern sense of mobility.Marilee Lindemann’s Willa Cather: Queering America widens this progressive school.A dozen novels, the first of which appeared in 1912, half a dozen honorary degrees, the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for 1922, and the Prix Femina Americaine for 1933, all attest the literary achievement of Willa Cather.Readers should pay heed when in her first collection of essays she pays tribute to those writers and critics who represent good literature in her mind.

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