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Crisis Management Thesis

For which both short term (project performance) and long term performance (stakeholder performance) are considered, (d) explore capabilities perspective on project-based organizations (strategic, functional, and project capabilities) and develops a conceptual framework that embraces the organizational capability to manage the relation between crises and organizational performance, (e) develops a sense making/ giving model for crises in mega projects when multiple organizational’ stakeholders are involved, (f) identifies different sense making and sense giving elements and (g) develop a grounded theory model that contain sense making/ giving elements.Riferimenti bibliografici alla fine di ogni capitolo.Despite record profits, BP has been plagued by a series of industrial disasters, including the 2005 explosion of their Texas City refinery, the 2006 explosion of their the Toledo, and the rupture of their Alaskan pipeline in 2006. Risk management in a dynamic society: A modelling problem. However, these three recent disaster that BP has had to manage did not seem to prepare the most recent CEO Tony Hayward to deal with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and two months after the crisis the job of managing the company’s public relations (PR) passed to Carl-Henric Svanberg, BP’s chairman, and the daily management of the oil spill response was passed to Bob Dudley, BP’s managing director. A third change is the increasingly fast pace of information and communication technology, which has led to a greater degree of integration and coupling of systems than every before. For these and other reasons several researchers have argued that system failure is inevitable (Smith, 1990) and therefore crises have become a part of the fabric of today’s dynamic society rather than been unusual or uncommon (Mitroff and Anagnos, 2002). Real World Research: A Resource for Social Scientists and Practitioner-Researchers.

survey of project based organizations and qualitative methods i.e. The survey was conducted in IT, Telecom and construction companies in Pakistan.

While the oilrig was owned and operated by Swiss offshore drilling contractor called Transocean, it leased to BP plc (BP), the third largest energy provider after Shell and Exxon.

BP is also the largest company in the UK and the fourth largest company in the world.

Introduction Unlike the stable conditions of the past, risk has become a key aspect of every area of life as the way in which modern society has been constructed has led to a series of striking changes in the conditions of risk management (Borodzicz, 2000, Smith, 1990). Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 15 (4): 229-321.

For example, Rasmussen (1997) highlights three key things that are making industrial risk management more difficult.

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Sense making process is examined in Chapter 4, and it explores and develops a sense making process in mega projects where multiple organizational stakeholders are involved.

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