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Creative Writing Topics For Grade 3

Write about a character who has to overcome his or her fear of something (e.g.

water, big dogs, making new friends in a new school, riding the MRT alone for the first time, etc). Purpose: For a piece of creative writing to be compelling, it should involve conflict. Purpose: Whenever possible, creative writing for kids should involve a captivating plot.

If you could design a haunted house, what would you name it? Describe, in detail, 3 of the best rooms in your haunted house.

Here, your child gets to exercise his or her descriptive writing pertaining to the setting, feelings (e.g. Write about what super powers you have, and how you could use those super powers to help somebody. Instill a regular and frequent “creative writing practice time” at home. For example, 20 minutes of creative writing time after school every day.

happiness and surprise), the senses (sound of singing and laughing, taste of the cake, the touch of birthday hugs, the sight of presents, the smell of chocolate), etc. To make their efforts extra special, save the pages of their writing, bind them in a book, and let them illustrate the book covers.

In our most popular and highly-effective Primary Creative Writing Classes, a skills-based and thematic approach is used as we prepare children for the Composition Writing component in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Similar to the Kindergarten group, classes are conducted in a small class of 6 students where teachers are able to give individual students close attention and guidance in their writing.

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