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I had excellent teachers, who called me out on bad habits that had developed unchecked for years (“No echoing dialogue.” “No echoing dialogue? I made friends who were writing about subjects I knew nothing about, like living in Indiana. The important part of Chee’s essay comes when he describes what happens after the M. His message to would-be writers isn’t groundbreaking, but it bears repeating: “Ph D, MFA, self-taught—the only things you must have to become a writer are the stamina to continue and a wily, cagey heart in the face of extremity, failure, and success.”It remains the hardest advice for a young writer to take. Every hour spent thinking about who is going to publish your work and how it’s going to be received is an hour that could be spent writing.I graduated with a couple of decent stories and a daunting but necessary sense of how much harder I would need to work. Who wants to hear about time and persistence when Téa Obreht was winning prizes and selling books at the age of twenty-six? Harbach describes this, less damningly but just as ominously, as the condition of the “NYC writer” in his original “MFA vs NYC” essay, which was published in in 2010: “Even if years away from finishing her first novel, she constantly and involuntarily collects information about what the publishing industry needs, or thinks it needs,” he writes. writer publishes stories, gets hired by a writing program, and is then free of commercial publishing obligations—free of the obligation, in fact, to publish at all.When he can’t, he takes part in the time-honored tradition of complaining about it with a faculty colleague.Sure, preparing for class is hard when you have literary and journalistic obligations, and yes, his students are paying an absurd amount of money to gain an intangible set of skills. As for the question of “MFA vs NYC”: both, probably?When she is not found writing or performing, Cynthia enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and wandering museums. She is a former litigation lawyer who now teaches Kundalini yoga and has a small farm of Alpacas, donkeys, goats and sheep in Upstate NY.She is a second-year fiction student in MFA program at the New School and is at work on her first novel. Ralph is a literary artist concentrating in Writing for Children and Young Adults at The New School, where she is crafting a tropical novella on the mysteries of nature, faith, and human memory.

The book is frustrating because the things that make good fiction—things like families, relationships, and death—have very little to do with either M. There’s a smart, muted version of this attitude on the second-to-last page of the book, under the heading “Advice.” Caleb Crain writes, “I don’t think you should beat yourself up for not having published a book at the age of 28, but I think that a young person should keep a journal, and read seriously, and, you know, think about everything that happens.” And in Gessen’s refreshingly sane piece, called “Money (2014),” about the real work and benefit of a creative-writing class, he lays out the reasons for his reluctance to teach a fiction workshop.

Cynthia Amoah is a spoken word artist, performer, and writer originally from Ghana, West Africa.

She is currently pursing an MFA in poetry at The New School and has been featured on the stages of TEDx Drew University and TEDx Ohio State University.

Two and a half years ago, I left a job as an editorial assistant in New York for an M. Like many fiction writers in the making, I didn’t do it because I thought I needed to improve my writing. The archetypal anti-workshop argument was made by David Foster Wallace in “The Fictional Future,” a section of a 1988 essay that is reprinted in “MFA vs NYC.” In his telling, creative-writing programs are filled with teachers who would rather be writing than teaching, and who resent their students for the lost time.

creative-writing program at the University of Montana.

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But, over the course of the semester, the students’ work gets better, and one of them shows serious promise she didn’t know she had.

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