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Creative Writing Mfa Blog

Though GPA is considered, we pay the closest attention to your writing sample: 12-20 pages of poems for poets; or two short stories or a chapter or two of a novel in-progress for fiction writers; and two short essays or a chapter or two of a memoir in-progress for nonfiction writers.

For full consideration for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, and for any University fellowships, we must receive all of your application documents by January 1st for fiction and poetry and January 15th for creative nonfiction.

Applicants to the program should request application information from our Graduate Programs Assistant; contact information is available on the Application Process page.

Learn More About Fort Collins Teaching Assistantships are available on a competitive basis, as are assistantships for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Director of Creative Writing. in three years; those who don't need financial aid can finish in two.

Students with Teaching Assistantships or Colorado Fellowships usually complete the M. If you're applying for a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA), make sure to provide a written statement that speaks to your qualifications and enthusiasm for college teaching.

I decided to ignore the bad press associated with MFA programs, and after finishing my first year, I’m grateful that I didn’t let other people’s negativity influence my decision.

That said, if you spend your time at Chapman University—or any other MFA program—doing the bare minimum to pass each class as you crank out your thesis, you will rob yourself of the true value of an MFA.

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What I can say after a semester and a half at CSU is I used […] Since December, after reaching the end of my first semester of graduate school, I have been searching for something more from poetry.

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