Creative Fiction Writing English Original Writing Essay

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Creative Fiction Writing

These prompts are intended to help inspire your creativity. Go back to one of the exercises you’ve done since the beginning of class and edit it with an eye to new ideas, different approaches, clearer sentences. This isn’t even a rough draft; this is just flow; pure mental, emotional, associative pure flow. Go through your three pages and underline the sentences or paragraphs, phrases, or ideas you think are most interesting, provocative, amusing, enlightening. Do not simply make a list, but use sentences so you can experience the flow of your thoughts. If no response comes together for you, write three pages on what is going on in your mind, starting with the quote: “Where we are going is here.” or “Both ways are best.” or “What is the straight within the bent? Try your hand at any one of them or use them as quick ten minute writing exercises. If you are stuck, start your sentences with something like, “I am afraid my writing will.

This ten minutes is for writing, not editing, not note taking, not planning. By telling about these events one after the other, just as they occurred, your story will satisfy a reader’s curiosity about what happens next.

Use the following format to create your own character. Do not simply fill in the blanks by describing yourself or someone you know.

Instead, fill in the blanks describing someone you’d find it interesting to know.

Creative writing recreates reality – frequently changing events and characters, times and places – while staying true to the heart of the story – its emotional truth.

Pick one of your answers and recreate it into a story, an essay, a poem, a performance piece, that you would like to share.

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Once you’ve finished with Phase One, go through all your answers carefully, expanding on them by answering the corresponding questions in Phase Two. The word can reflect something you always thought needed a word or it can be a set of sounds that trigger your imagination. Do I enjoy it, how have my feelings for the activity changed?

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