Craven Critical Thinking

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Craven Critical Thinking

Students not engaged in the learning process leave with little more than shallow understandings, weak connections between big ideas, trivial knowledge, unchallenged naive conceptions of how the natural world operates, and an inability to apply knowledge in new settings.As a result, students do not develop the ability or propensity to become self-regulating learners or inquirers.Science teacher educators, therefore, must facilitate the cognitive departure by their students (preservice and inservice teachers) from traditional models of teaching and learning of science -- models that are no longer valid in a society confronted with exponential advancements in information and technology.The science teacher educator must also help his/her students to carefully consider what they will value in the learning community they seek to establish as teachers.Yet the models of science education that widely persist in schools across the grade levels (including the college science classroom) are inadequate for developing the knowledge needed to tackle those problems.

The present quality of life is, and in the future will continue to be, affected by such issues both old and new.Preparing New Teachers to Teach Science: The Role of the Science Teacher Educator by John A Craven III Queens College/City University of New York and John Penick North Carolina State University Prologue America is currently facing a shortage of teachers especially in the areas of math, science and technology.This shortage is particularly severe in urban centers such as New York City, where the number of new teachers needed within the next five to ten years is projected at more than twenty five thousand.The role, therefore, of the science teacher educator is to perturb comfortable, over-learned views about schools and schooling in hopes of promoting conceptual changes within individuals, across small communities of learners, and across the broader community of people contributing to a program of education.In this paper, we explore what the science teacher educator can do to actualize the change processes at each of these levels.

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Such skills enable one to identify ill-defined problems, to generate a variety of solutions to any particular problem, to act upon informed decisions, and to evaluate actions and their consequences (Hurd, 1993; Resnick, 1992).

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