Cover Letter For Sponsorship Of An Event

Posted by / 22-Apr-2020 06:16

If your company is a first-timer when it comes to event hosting, then you will need to acquire an estimated number of attendees.This can’t be an arbitrary number off the top of your head.You can also include the company URL and link to its social media page.Don’t spend too much time here; a paragraph or two will suffice.Start by thanking the company for taking the time to review your prospectus and considering your event for sponsorship.Next, talk a bit about your business, what it does, and the demographic it caters to.This is where you say why it’s an important event to them.If it’s for a non-profit, talk about the good the organization achieves.

Use Quote Roller’s new Pricing Optional system to do exactly that — give them options!Think of a prospectus as your cover letter when reaching out to potential sponsors.The first page is where you introduce your company and describe the event you have in mind.**GET CREATIVE** You’re trying to fundraise or make a profit from the event, so think about the various ways you can help them get exposure at your event!Acquiring sponsorship is just like applying for a job.

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We invite you to join (insert here names of other companies or big personas attending and/or sponsoring.) If there is a keynote speaker or something special about the event, mention it here.