Compare And Contrast Paintings Essay

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Compare And Contrast Paintings Essay

This paper will compare and contrast Mona Lisa and the Last Supper paintings done by Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Last Supper painting was specifically done for Da Vinci’s master known as Duke Ludovico.

In this case, the drawing takes more time and skills to complete a masterpiece than the process of taking photos does.

By spending days and nights on a picture, a painter puts a part of the soul in it.

As you can see, comparing and contrasting two forms of art is not an easy task, and it is a highly individual issue of concern.

Thus, you may experience some challenges in forming your opinion and voicing it properly in a structured and well-grounded way with sufficient evidential support.

Photography is rather a new type of expressing feelings and emotions on paper or any other material, while the first pieces of graphic art had been made long before the modern era, and it has undergone numerous changes through the years.Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest artists in history whose artistic paintings are very popular around the world.Mona Lisa and the Last Supper paintings are among the best paintings in his collection.The Last Supper is a sacred painting that represents the last meeting that Jesus held with his disciples a few moments before his death.The painting shows Jesus taking the last supper with his disciples as he disclosed to them who among his disciples would betray him.

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Da Vinci painted the Last Supper painting before he started working on the Mona Lisa painting.

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