College Essays That Work

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College Essays That Work

What sort of writer was I, that my work warranted such substantial alteration? Today, six years, 10 drafts, and 450 pages later, I am finally close to finishing.

While compiling the list, I chose the ones which actually worked (meaning – they got the students into colleges and universities).At least, that what I originally imagined as I feverishly typed the opening words of my manuscript.I had just received a call from my parents, who were on a business trip in London.Publishing that first draft would have been a horrible embarrassment that would have haunted me for the rest of my life.Over the past half-decade, I’ve been able to explore my own literary voice, and develop a truly original work that I will be proud to display.

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After more than fourteen months fleshing out characters and cultivating mythologies, I was ready to publish. Within two weeks my father handed it back to me, the pages now scrawled over in bright red ink.