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Excellent editing services that your consumers cannot afford will not add any value to the editor or the student.That is why at Newton Essay, we have priced our editing services affordably so every student can afford them.But to speak of privilege as causative is to elide the complexity of its genesis as a phenomenon.For the last several years, I witnessed the operations of “privilege” firsthand.In the great national myth of equality, our country is alleged to be aristocracy-free, but there nevertheless exists a class of people who would appear to be suspiciously feudal in character: a class with its own set of norms and customs, and a tendency to go on reproducing itself through the generations, gobbling up desirable real estate and flexing its lobbying muscle at the highest reaches of government.After all, is it not clear that the top ten percent of income earners, with their mortgage deductions and low rate of taxation on capital gains, with their pseudo-environmental NIMBYism and excessively stringent professional licensing requirements, make up the most influential of the groups that seek to advance their interests?As an admissions essay consultant for the company that facilitated the scheme, a college counseling service called The Key, I spent my days driving from home to home in the tonier precincts of the San Francisco Peninsula, where I helped the children of Silicon Valley plutocrats get into the colleges of their choice.If my travels through this gilded realm taught me anything, it is that the case has little to do with privilege, a concept that should not be confounded with inequality.

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Writing an application essay is a milestone towards your admission to that dream college of your life.

But before saying you have written an application essay that will convince the admissions board to give you one of the limited chances, you should consider the most important part of that writing process—editing.

For more and more we are coming to understand that personality and intelligence are heritable phenomena.

In the great human drama of who succeeds in life, and who fails, and why, there may well be a place for heroic self-invention, for an individual through unilateral effort to rise above the others; but it appears, overall, that character and thus destiny are to some extent pre-ordained.

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