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Most of these firms will have either a geographic focus or an industry specialization (or both).As in management consulting, your career as a CPA in an independent accounting firm would progress from "doing" to "managing" to "generating new business." By contrast, if you work inside a corporation, you never need to generate new business.In fact, internal accounting is essential to the profitability of any business.If a company can't account for its labor and raw material costs and its sales at all price levels, it can't figure out which products have generated the most profits, which have lost money, and how the various products should be priced.In a company's internal accounting department, new accountants may start out as auditors (professionals who examine the company's operations and ensure that the firm is following required record-keeping procedures).They would then advance to more senior levels in the financial sector of the firm.

Earning a bachelor's degree in accounting provides these advanced skills along with instruction in multiple accounting specialties and prepares individuals for careers as accountants, budget analysts, financial managers, and auditors. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting 10% growth in jobs through 2026.

Website Points: 3 In Regis University's 120-credit online B. in Accounting, students will complete general education, core requirements, electives, and major requirements.

Students can choose a traditional path with 16-week courses or an accelerated path with 8-week courses.

An internship gives you a foot in the door -- which is especially important if you're not majoring in accounting.

It also gives you a better sense of whether you'll actually enjoy the work.

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Public accounting firms work to make sure that client companies accurately account for things such as assets, liabilities, cash flow, compliance with SEC regulations, investments and pension programs.

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