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Charter Boat Business Plan

We come from a family of seafarers and our grandfather, Lorenzo Vila, was well-known in Mallorca as a talented fisherman and a yacht captain during times of Mediterranean smuggling.

It will entitle you to the charter income produced by your charter management agreement or ownership (program) and other ownership benefits defined by the charter business you have contracted.

The charter business has the responsibility to follow the leasing payments and does what is necessary to meet the payment requirements and adhere to the ownership agreement with you as customer. Financial leasing refers to the loan structure and financing of a single credit approval (a yacht) whereby the buyer/customer is under no scrutiny, and the charter business itself is the guarantor for the validity and feasibility of the projected charter income and business plan.

The buyer is in connection with the credit institution and has a charter management agreement with the charter business (operator) that will manage the charter and down payment of the leasing. Before you run of to your local bank or known credit institution, here are few a things lenders like: First, insurance is required and must be arranged before the closing of the loan.

Associated Charter Programs: Charter Ownership/ Part Financing of a purchase or investment in a boat with a charter management or in charter ownership (with or without a program) refers to the means where you, the buyer, pays PART of the asking purchase price of the yacht and receives ownership benefits as defined by the charter ownership, and/or your ownership rights, benefits and options defined by the charter management during the financing period.

The definitions are commonly used in the industry by professionals and the boat owners themselves, as an umbrella term for the boat being used for commercial purposes.

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Your loan or part-financing is with the charter business.

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